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tips-ordering-phoneDelivery Tips

  • You may place your order from 8am -3pm daily.
  • If you need a specific time for your delivery,  please call or fax in your order ahead of time to get a 15 minute delivery window.  
  • If you fax in your order: please do not consider your order accepted until you receive a confirmation phone call from SACKS.
  • Organizing your orders: when you order feel free to align names with items ordered. We place each person's items in its own sacks.  This makes it easy to order for a large group of people and to help avoid confusion.  
  • Very large orders: please provide SACKS with  48hours or more of advance notice.
  • Delivery Charge: SACKS charges a small gratuity with delivery orders,  this entire amount goes directly to our drivers. 

tips-cateringCatering Tips

  • Every item we sell is available for catering. If you have our menu, then you have our catering menu.
  • Whether 15 people or 300, we have trays and the accompaniments to serve your group. We have sandwiches, salads, pastas, and soups, along with an assortment of other side items such as potato salad, desserts and chips.
  • Don’t know what to order? We can create a special assortment of sandwiches based on the makeup of your audience. Please be sure to let us know of any special needs (allergies, etc) when you order for your group.
  • Cancellations under 24 hour notice will incur a cancellation charge.  

tips-carry-outCarry Out Tips

  • Please come to front of line or pick up window if you have called in or faxed in an order ahead of time. 
  • Please make sure you place your order with the right store.  THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT


Proud of Our Diversity

on Friday, 10 February 2012. Posted in SACKS Main

Our Stores Reflect Our Appreciation of All Peoples, Places, & Times

The motivation behind the variety of our designs and even sandwich names flows from the appreciation our entire family has for different cultures, art forms, music, and more.  As we designed each store we used elements that reflected our appreciation for the differences that make us unique, but no less appreciated.


So while our store at ASU embraces a classical art feel, our Hardy and University store reflects a strong Jazz influence.  We celebrate  the rich diversity all around us in our stores and menu and we hope that you will as well.  



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